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Want to concoct your own starter theme? Don’t need any bells or whistles? Our base package is for you.

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Modern Blog

You think the world could be a little bit less cluttered. You like clean lines, simple shapes, and contemporary design. You want the focus to be on your content, not a lot of other stuff. With a single-column layout, a large featured image, and a slide-out panel for widgets and navigation, a modern blog is the perfect fit.

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You’ve got a million things to worry about; don’t let your theme be another. A business starter theme comes with a front page template featuring a custom header, prominent testimonials, and a custom content area. Testimonials can be displayed throughout the theme to add authenticity to your business.

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Classic Blog

Maybe you prefer the classics. Austen. Dickens. AC/DC. A classic blog is your perfect match. Great for food blogs, schools, or anyone else who has a lot of content to display in a sidebar, a classic blog features widgets in sidebar, just like you remember.

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Stop the press! A magazine theme is ideal for showcasing content and images in a dynamic way. This theme features a front-page template with a grid of featured images, and a two-column blog layout that displays excerpts for added interest.

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If you’re the creative type, this is the theme package for you. Image-focused, the portfolio layout uses a portfolio custom post type to easily keep your portfolio items separate from regular posts. It features a gridded portfolio layout, a simple one-column blog template, and a large featured image header.

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What’s in the box?

Every Components package comes with:

  • Design-agnostic layout patterns
  • Well-organized Sass
  • Mobile-first layouts
  • Mobile and desktop menus
  • A simple base

Want to contribute?

Components is a new project, and we’re looking for your input! Have a pattern to share? Want to add a new feature? Found a bug in the code? Head over to the GitHub repo, check out the contributor guidelines, and get involved!